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Couples Fall Portraits in Yellow Springs | Peifer Orchards

My wonderful friendship and journey with Kayla began last fall when she asked if I would take her Senior Portraits for her.  Since then we worked together this past spring for her pre-prom pictures and again last weekend for fall portraits.

Kayla loves sunflowers and we made plans to take her portraits in the same field as her Senior Portraits, but a week later discovered that most of the flowers had wilted or died.  On a mission to keep our plan intact, I asked a group of local photographers if they knew of any patches or fields that were still in bloom this late of the season.  A kind lady was wonderful enough to provide a picture she had taken at this cute spot in Yellow Springs showing that most of the sunflowers were still healthy.  Plan B was formed!

I arrived early since this was my first time visiting the location which also allowed me to find our little patch of sunflowers and any other ideal spots.  We were a little disappointed that most of sunflowers had wilted in the week time frame we made up our backup plan, but I was determined to still give Kayla some beautiful portraits.

Kayla, her boyfriend Wes, and mother Charlotte were troopers and walked the length of the property with me!I think it’s safe to say it was well worth the hike and we have no regrets!

Can we talk about their outfit coordination?  With having dabbled in Graphic Design school, I learned that blue and orange, although opposite on the color scale, work well together.  Kayla and Wes had no clue that this was one of my favorite color combinations until I mentioned it halfway through their session.  Wes was so proud that he came up with the idea.  Quite frankly, so am I because it worked very well with their location and the gloomy weather we had.

You can’t walk by a pumpkin and gourd patch in the fall without taking at least one picture, am I right?

At the end of the session we circled around the sunflower patch again and squeezed in a couple of portraits with the last decent looking bundle still holding on strong.

Every day I am thankful that I’m slowly breaking through my introverted shell to create and capture moments like these, but what warms my heart the most is the friendships I gain with my clients.  I get to seem them grow and go through their own stages in life which is the most beautiful blessing of all.  I am excited to see what the future has in store for Kayla and can’t wait for our next adventure together!