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As briefly discussed in our last blog post, How to Rock Your Boudoir Session, I wanted to go into more detail of what you should wear to and during your session as well as give you a couple of shops you should check into, especially if you’re like me and totally dig unique and vintage things.


Avoid restrictive clothing & accessories

Like we need another excuse to wear leggings or yoga pants, am I right?! But seriously, avoid wearing bras, socks, watches, jewelry, accessories, tight shirts, jeans, or anything that will leave an imprint in your skin the night before your session and the day of your session if at all possible.



I’m a little bit biased, but you can’t go wrong with black! But let’s face it, black is usually a common color worn in boudoir sessions. Think about the rest of your wardrobe. What color(s) does it mostly consists of? Or what color do you look the best in? For me, apart from black, it’s reds, dark or emerald green, and teals.


There’s nothing wrong with wearing the classic lingerie set. There are so many different styles out there, you’re bound to find something you’ll like. Heck you might even find too much. If you find yourself overwhelmed think simple or think of something out of your comfort zone.

Robes & Gowns

Lace, silk, sheer, long, or short. You look just as stunning in robes and gowns as you would in lingerie.


Give me all the leather jackets! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a leather jacket, it could be your favorite band jacket, your boyfriend’s auto tech jacket, or your husband’s service jacket.

Over-sized Sweaters/Shirts

Boudoir doesn’t have to be sexy all the time. Over sized sweaters and shirts give your session more of a softer and innocent, for the lack of a better word, feeling. This could be something as simple as a band shirt or as extravagant as your/your partner’s favorite sports team jersey.

Button Up Shirt

Plaid flannels or dress shirts, but mostly plaid flannels - give you the best of both worlds comfy and sexy.


Vintage Inspired

Clash Dayton - Website | Etsy Shop

Clash Dayton is a local boutique right here in Dayton that carries unique clothing lines as well as locally made clothing, jewelry, artwork, and other handmade goods. Not in Dayton? No problem, they have you covered! Head on over to their Etsy shop and get a little piece of our town mailed right to your door.

I actually didn’t even know a boutique like this existed in Dayton until this past holiday season when one of my favorite models featured some of the modeling work she’s done for them on her Instagram. I have been addicted ever since!

ModCloth - Website

ModCloth is a unique one stop online shop that is the perfect blend of vintage and modern. They have everything you could ever think of from clothing, wedding attire, to household goods and gifts.

Kiss Me Deadly - Website

Kiss Me Deadly is a lingerie company based out of the UK that fits in perfectly with the Pin Up style - so you might want to save a little extra cash and give yourself extra time before your session for shipping if you want to purchase anything from here.

Subculture / Pop Culture

Sourpuss - Website

My favorite place to shop!! If you’re into the punk, pinup culture, or kustom kulture scene, it’ll be your favorite place to shop too. Although their intimate section has a slim selection, their period panties are fantastic!

Rebel Circus - Website

They’re not necessarily my style and I prefer their Facebook memes over their clothing line, but they do have a small selection of intimates if you can get past the cheeky underwear.
Pun totally intended.

Spencer’s - Website | Hot Topic - Website

Both have small selections as well. At the time of writing this, I didn’t find anything worth while online, but you might have better luck shopping in-store.

Other Popular Places

Yandy | Adore Me | Frederick’s of Hollywood | Hustler Hollywood | Victoria’s Secret

You could also check out some of your favorite department stores if you’re looking for something a little more cute and simple that will be more practical for daily wear. It also doesn’t hurt to browse your local boutiques - always support small and local businesses.

For more ideas and inspiration you can always follow our Boudoir Pinterest board.

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