Meet Sparrow - Our Newest Fur Baby | Englewood, Ohio

Bringing Sparrow into our home was a very spur of the moment decision. For years customers, co-workers, friends, and family would ask if we wanted a kitten anytime their cat(s) had a litter. My response would always be: "One cat is enough for me." Kelic, our senior cat, was originally a stray and one tough cookie to crack. Over the years she's become well behaved, but she can still be a handful.

One of my former co-workers posted on Facebook that she was giving away kittens, I took a screenshot and sent it to my husband, Anthony. I originally had no intention of getting a kitten, but Anthony's response was: "We can get a kitten if you want one."

After a serious discussion about bringing another animal into our home, I inquired if there were any calico kittens left and was contacted by someone almost immediately. This stranger had picked up a kitten for a friend of theirs, but due to their dog's behavior thought it was best to find a different home for it. I was so excited! Luckily this family allowed me to come pick her up later that evening after work.

When I brought her home, our animals acted as I anticipated. Vulcan, our Rottweiler-Chow, didn't and still doesn't know what to think of her. Harley, our Pitbull, wanted to play with her and Kelic, our senior cat, wanted nothing to do with her. None the less, they all get along.

Scroll down to see Harley pouting because she couldn’t join us as we played with Sparrow.


Sassy and intelligent.
Named by previous family because she liked to sit on shoulders.
Anthony and I liked the name, so we kept it.


Laser light, playing hide and seek, and ear scratches.


Naps, paracord, balls with bells, and stuffed mouse toys.


Belly rubs, baths, and being combed.