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Welcome to My Corner of the Web: Blog Introduction | Misfit & Co.

First, I would like to thank you for the curiosity that brought you here and the support you’ve continued to give me if you read past this sentence. 

Secondly, I am by all means NOT a writer – in fact, I HATE it.  It gives me anxiety.  Thinking of punctuation, paying attention to my run-on sentences because I RAMBLE so much, the spelling – spell check isn’t a Pokémon trainer, it doesn’t catch ‘em all, and everything else my English teachers taught me through high school and college.  If any of you are reading this, nothing has changed obviously. 

Que flashing neon lights that say I failed English. 

My dad always used to tease me about that, “How can you fail English when you speak it.”  Insert shrugging emoji here.

I warned you, I ramble.  A five-minute story takes me fifteen.

There was one teacher who said something in one of my creative writing exploration classes that stuck with me – write what you know.  I honestly don’t know much – what’s happening in the world or with politics, but there are things weighing on my heart that I want to share.

With this blog I hope to share some tips and tricks to help clients with their sessions, like how to choose outfits, locations, etc., but to also share some business advice for those wishing to pursue the photography career, or anyone who wants to start their own business. 

The one thing that hasn’t changed over the course of this seven-year journey is that I want to help other creative entrepreneurs pursue their own dreams or goals.  I have always wanted to help those who had the drive, but either couldn’t afford college or completed college and couldn’t find work due to lack of experience.  I’m a firm believer in the saying community over competition – everyone has their own unique trait that they bring to their industry and this world is full of too many negative things to be tearing each other down.  If I can help one person by sharing my success and failures through this blog, then I will write my little heart out just for you.

Here’s to pushing your boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone, and exceeding your limits to create new ones.  Have faith in yourself.  Let’s go conquer the world together.