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Nightmare on Elm Street Cosplay | Dayton Portrait Session | Davis-Linden Building

Courtney joined us for a Nightmare on Elm Street themed portrait session at Something Old Dayton studio and inside the Davis-Linden Building located in Dayton, Ohio.

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Michelle | Class of 2020 Senior Portraits | Xenia, Ohio

Meet Michelle - our Class of 2020 Senior Representative for Legacy Christian Academy in Xenia, Ohio. Michelle has a passion for landscape photography, recently became a part of her high school yearbook committee, and loves the architecture of old buildings.

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Formula Drift | St. Louis | 2019 Vacation

Back in April, my husband Anthony and I were enjoying a rare weekend off together lounging on the couch. He was browsing YouTube and came across the Formula Drift live stream for Orlando, Florida. I had never watched FD before, but halfway through the stream, I was hooked.

We had so much fun watching FD, I started looking up ticket costs and hatching my plan to surprise Anthony with a trip to an event. After two months of secretly planning and putting in extra hours at work, I purchased our VIP tickets for Round 6 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Horror Themed Fall Mini Sessions Promotional Shoot | Davis-Linden Building

I partnered with my friends over at Creative Compositions to put a terrifying creative twist on this year’s fall portrait mini sessions! Late last Halloween season, I threw this idea out to some friends on social media and they were super stoked for it. After a year of brainstorming and months of planning, the moment is FINALLY here! In this two part event, Travis will be dress up in authentic costumes of the classic horror film icons - Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. Check out the images of our promotional shoot earlier this month at the Davis-Linden Building and around the Historical Huffman District in downtown Dayton.

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Dani + Cody's Friday the 13th Engagement Session | Huffman MetroPark

We started their session at Eastwood Metropark as we originally planned, but the park was so crowded we felt it would be best to shoot at a different location. After traveling a few minutes up the road, Huffman MetroPark gave us a more private setting and allowed Dani’s younger brother, Jacob, to play the role of Jason more out in the open. I think it’s safe to say they slayed their engagement session ;)

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Payton Family Portraits | Beavercreek, Ohio

Over the past seven years, my friendship with the Paytons has grown immensely to the point they're practically a second family to me. We've gone on multiple weekend trips to business conferences and created countless unforgettable memories together. I haven't met a more selfless, loving group of people, so when they asked me to document their family at this current stage of their life - I was honored to do so.

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Rain + Michael's Intimate Backyard Wedding | Dayton, Ohio

During their consultation, Rain and Michael informed me they wanted their wedding to be simple, carefree, non-traditional and reflect their personalities (my kind of people!). They also insisted they had their portraits taken in the beautiful Studio 94 of Something Old Dayton - who could blame them?

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Meet Sparrow - Our Newest Fur Baby | Englewood, Ohio

Bringing Sparrow into our home was a very spur of the moment decision. One of my former co-workers posted on Facebook that she was giving away kittens, I took a screenshot and sent it to my husband, Anthony. I originally had no intention of getting a kitten, but Anthony's response was: "We can get a kitten if you want one."

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